Various Styles of Wedding Rings For Men and Women

Wedding rings are the jewelry symbols people wear on their fingers to tell the world they are married. These romantic rings have been around for many centuries. It was once thought there was a vein leading from the left ring finger to the heart, so that is how it was decided they would be worn on this particular finger. Scientific and medical advancements have since proven this theory to be wrong, but the tradition still lingers and people all over the world still uphold the tradition.

There are many kinds of wedding rings for a couple to choose from. Women’s wedding rings are sometimes purchased along with the engagement ring. This is referred to as a bridal set and it eliminates any gap or improper alignment among the two rings. Since women wear both the wedding band and the engagement ring at the same time, it is very important the two line up perfectly without any spacing in between.

Men’s wedding bands still offer a lot of variety, but they stand alone instead of being paired with another ring. Some men prefer to have diamond wedding rings, but typically the diamonds are saved for the female to better accent her diamond engagement ring. Men’s wedding bands seem simple, but there are many designs for these circular pieces of metal. Women’s wedding rings A comfort fit band will taper along the edge so it fits the finger better and provides more comfort. Having a straight, kind of sharp edge on your finger could be uncomfortable if the man works with his hands. There are also many kinds of metals you can use in a man’s wedding band. Tungsten is very popular because it is so durable and hard. These wedding rings cannot be sized due to their density, but it would only be a few hundred dollars to replace one. Women should not have their engagement ring or wedding band set in tungsten because those settings are much more expensive. Most jewelers will not even entertain the idea of working with the metal for a setting. Titanium is another popular metal, but also cannot be resized.

When you finally decide to go purchase your rings, make sure you have done a little research before entering a jewelry store. This will help you narrow down the process and also give you an idea as to what to expect. Make sure you allow for this expense in your budget!

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