Variations Of A Food Storage Container

Food storage is as important as buying the right kind of food for your family. With the proper food storage you are able to keep left over foods and extra ingredients fresh. This will also keep you from throwing away leftover food because you can put it in a container and reheat it or use it as an ingredient for another dish. Throwing away good food is not a good practice. To keep yourself from doing this it is important that you acquire appropriate food storage container.

When it comes to storing food, you have several options by utilizing the different types of food storage containers. These containers keep food fresh by sealing it and keeping it airtight.

Here are some variations of a food storage container.


  1. Probably one of the most popular food storage container is the resealable bag, which is also known as the zippered plastic bag or ziplock bag. These bags are available in department stores and are perfect for storing items that contain a certain amount of liquid. However, if you intend to use a zippered plastic bag for frozen food, buy the ones that are specifically made for cold storage. Examples of food that can be contained inside this bag are: rice, nuts, pasta, dried meats, pureed fruits and vegetables, and many more.
  2. One of the oldest types of food storage container is the Mason jar. Mason jars have been around for decades and typically used for canning fruits and vegetables like beets and pickles. Foods that are cooked in pressure cookers or those that went through a hot water bath should be placed inside a Mason jar. The flat sealing disk and screw on top keeps the jar air tight thus keeping the food fresh.
  3. The more popular food containers these days are made of plastic and have lids. These are often used to store dry food like cookies, biscuits, dairy products, and a whole lot more. Made from durable plastic, these containers can withstand the abuse of everyday use. These also come in various shapes and sizes. However, ensure that the lids fit perfectly in order to ensure air tightness.

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