Tips for Dealing With Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies are inherently stressful situations – having large amounts of water, gas or waste products spilling from your home is not an enjoyable experience by any definition! There are some steps you can take to minimise the stress experienced in an emergency plumbing situation.

The first (and most important thing) you should be thinking about in any emergency situation is: “is anyone in immediate risk of injury?” In most plumbing situations the answer to this question will be “no”, but you still must consider this (especially if gas or electricity is involved). If someone IS at risk of being injured, you should put steps in place to remove them from harms way – if and only if doing so will not place yourself in danger.

Assured in the knowledge that no one is at risk of physical injury, the next step is to try and isolate the water / gas / waste water leak by turning it off at the source (if possible). Gas leaks can usually be stopped by turning off the gas at the source; that is, the gas meter. The gas meter will typically be located around the side of the house, so find it and turn the small lever or handle 90 degrees. A water leak, on the other hand, can be stopped by turning off the water at your mains. This is usually located at the front or rear of your house / unit and will involve turning the tap in the clockwise direction until it is entirely closed. Leaking toilets can be stopped by turning off the cistern stop, which is a tap usually located below the cistern.

After you have followed these steps, the next step is to arrange an expert plumber to attend your house / unit / apartment to provide plumber near me a permanent fix for your plumbing problem. A specialist emergency plumber is your best bet – especially if it is outside of normal working hours. An emergency plumber can be found using your phone directory or by using an internet search engine such as Google. Before booking a plumber, it is important that you inquire about rates and services offered. Some companies will take advantage of the situation and overcharge your because of the urgency of your situation. Make sure you ask whether there will be any additional call-out fee and try to agree on a set price before they arrive at the house.

After you’ve completed these steps, the best thing you can do is wait for the plumbing expert to arrive at your house. Don’t try to manipulate or fix the plumbing problem yourself – chances are you will make the problem worse than it already is. Emergency plumbing services such as clearing, fixing gas leaks and repairing broken pipes can be very unwelcome surprises, but follow these tips and you’ll survive the ordeal with a minimum of stress AND financial impact.


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