The World Has Refused To End

There was fear all over the place and fear was instilled in hearts of so many people when the recent prophecy about the looming end of the world was given. It was a fear occasioned by a stark reality that indeed, the world would one day come to an end. The life we live is a very short life. The Bible describes it as a vapour which appears for a while and then vanishes away (James 4:14).

One of our tracts had this caption: “Will You Miss Heaven?” The idea is to remind us about the shortness of life, and that at the time it ends, where will you be? We are told by the Bible two important destinations of the human souls at the end of life – heaven and hell. What we do with our life here on earth determines the place we can spend eternity. The tract mentioned above was actually a timely warning to the adamant who has no thought of tomorrow and what it has in store. Death brings to an end what seems an endless life, and so many times we are grieved by the activities of death.

It is human nature to continue in a comfort zone. We complain a lot when something interrupts our activities. When people die and go into eternity, we are not really bothered about ourselves as to what will be our own lot. We are only touched mostly at the time of loss of someone else’s life but do nothing serious about ourselves, yet death remains the lot of every human being.

Apart from physical death, the Bible speaks of a time when every soul will return to the Maker. The Bible equally talks about Rapture, which is a catching away of the saints. This period is described as a time of sudden surprises, when people will begin to disappear without any more physical trace in the world. As they get raptured, the take up celestial bodies fit for heavenly fellowships. People who get raptured are right-living and holy people – those who gave their lives to Jesus Christ and wait for His Return.

Time after time, Christians are always in wait for this glorious experience. As a result, they have been rattled by people who do not actually believe the teachings of Jesus Christ. We hear the claims and noise about so many people being Christians and occupying a large chunk of the world population, yet the Christians know themselves. Christianity has been ridiculed in so many ways by so many people. Sometimes, they make use of the Christians’ Holy Book, the Bible, to champion their course of destruction. So many religions today, apart from the Christianity, are using the Bible to teach their congregations.

As Christians, when we read the Bible, we discover why God allowed so many others to remain in ignorance. He kept quiet because these people decided to belief error, and as such, God cannot change them against their wish until the time of their grace is over. The Bible tells us so many things about Jesus Christ and prophecy. When He was confronted on how and when the world should end, He clearly told them that the decision is in the hand of God (His Father) to take. Looking at what that portends to our present period, we understand that men of today would rather turn blue to black to arrive at a point.

Saturday, 21st of May, 2011 is still fresh in our memory. This was the day the whole world supposed to have ended according to modern day prophets. Having lost at the centre of human affairs, they resort to prophetic babbling to remain prominent. The prophetic signal on the horizon heralding the end of the world on a particular date was indeed and hoax. Despite the “love” these prophets had on us, to have spent so much money on advertisements – billboards, radio, books, television, Internet, etc, to warn us of the new development, they only succeeded in ridiculing themselves before the world. I heard a story in Nigeria, where one man who was not used to attending Church, went and took his Bible and committed the whole of that Saturday reading, meditating and praying to God. If the world had ended as the prediction had it, this man would have been saved. The same thing is applicable to the rich people of this world who have no regard for God. Muslims and other members of diverse religions would also find automatic salvation if God will give us a date when the world will end.

The truth of the matter is that the world ends. No one knows the day, the time or the hour. That is why should do good and remain in doing good at all times. If we are not going to be caught unawares, then Christianity is a ruse. I still remember sometime about the year 2000, when scientists predicted a problem that has the potential to have devastating effects in nearly every area of human life; a period when many computers will not recognize “00” as a valid year, thereby bringing systems that control such things as the flow of electricity grinding to a halt. As a result, businesses and governments went into spending and devoting countless hours in an effort to find and fix all instances of the problem. They won and the year 2000 is now in the past.

In the Bible, when the sinner saw the glories of heaven and the poor state of hell, he requested that a messenger Request prophetic word be sent to his father’s house to warn his remaining brothers of the ugly situation that await them should they continue in doing evil. It is obvious that the request was turned down, because there were preachers and prophets that are already doing the job there. Christ told us to continue in well doing so that at the time when He will appear like a thief in the night, He will not find us wanting. Now, you can see the problem of the predicting about the end of the world with dates attached. Christ taught us to preach that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, but not to say that it is “tomorrow” or next, because it can be NOW!

The issue of the end of the world is a problem that threatens more than the loss of power and heat just like the one in year 2000; it has the potency of bringing losses far greater than the loss of all the wealth in the world – the loss of your SOUL. Sin is the chief constructor of this loss. Apart from the fact that it causes the sinner fear, and makes him a coward before all and his Maker, it is capable of causing him eternal damnation. It is sin that causes man to think and reason in shallow ways. Just as programmers who installed our computers did not think that their actions would affect the future of mankind, so are so many people today. They have mistakenly believed that life has no “end”, and so decide to live without a thought for the future.

That the world did not end on Saturday, 21st May 2011, does not mean it will never end. We may have been jolted by the unrealistic nature of those prophetic utterances, but what if the world decides to end NOW, what do you think will be your lot? If Christ comes today, will you be ready to follow Him? The prophetic utterances are part of the things that Christ says will happen first before the end comes (Matthew 24:3-44). They are part of the things that will herald His Second Coming into the world, yet it was a good calculation from the pit of hell! Those prophets understood that human beings are interested and usually respond well to warnings that are tied to specific dates rather than preparing for an event that will come some day, and so decided to mesmerize the world by setting a date.

When His disciples asked Him about the date of His return, Jesus responded by encouraging all of us to be ready at all times because the time and date is unknown, even though it is at hand for we should live by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7; 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; 1:7-10; 2 Peter 3:3-13). We can be sure that all the Biblical and geographical evidences as are being seen today can never be ignored. As in Noah’s time, people are being warned today of God’s judgment and told about the possibility of being rescued through the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. The prediction and subsequent failure of the prophecy under review is a warning and an indication that the coming of Jesus Christ into the world is nearer than we imagine it. Keeping in mind of Christ’s coming will actually help us understand the future of our world. We have all been impacted by the language of sin, yet we are unaware of the work of SIN in our lives. The word SIN makes no meaning to us any more, even though we are in danger of it. Shall we be like those who perished in the great flood while Noah and his people got saved?

Let us admit our faults and shortcomings as regards our works as individuals and God’s children. There are so many areas we have missed it but careless about the implication, even though it is capable of robbing us of eternal life with God in heaven. You may have been on that easy road for too long, the Lord is calling on you, and this might be the opportunity you are looking for. To get on the right road, admit that you are lost and then start reading God’s Word, the Bible. Ask Jesus to be your Saviour – to show you the way to heaven. You can write to tell me about your decision so that we will continuously be praying together. This helps to prepare you to stand right before God, so that even when the world ends NOW, you will be sure of eternity in heaven. Therefore, do not join the group that keep saying that the World Has Refused to End because the world indeed, ends!

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