Recycled Rubber Flooring Is Excellent For Playgrounds

Every parent worries about the safety of their children. Children are innocent and often do not realize the dangers that lurk around them. All they want to do is play and have fun, regardless if they are at home, in school, at the day care centre, or on the playground.

Many schools and other facilities with playgrounds have long realized the many advantages of using playground rubber flooring. As one of the top recycled rubber products, playground rubber is an excellent solution for areas where children are entertained. Rubber tiles are easy to install, and will keep kids safe while they are playing on the jungle gym, spinners, Merry Go Round, spring riders, swing sets, and other playground equipment.

Recycled rubber products are used in many indoor and outdoor environments. They prove to be especially efficient in playground settings, home gyms, health clubs, and other sports facilities. But, that is not all. Playground rubber flooring has many other amazing qualities, which include:


  • Appealing appearance- Playground rubber tiles are eye-catching. Combine a few fashionable colours and you can create a funky pattern, the children – and their guardians – will love.
  • Long Durability- Kids are very energetic, so you need a floor that can withstand all the activities and games those little rascals come up with. Kids will be kids, and will constantly throw stuff on the ground. Playground rubber flooring will withstand all the abuse.
  • Excellent resistance – Flooring made from recycled rubber is resistant to weathering and aging. The surface will look amazing for a very long time even when installed outdoors. Most playground rubber floors are also slip resistant.
  • Shock absorbance – You need a surface that can withstand lots of jumping, bouncing, and other activities kids are famous for doing. The flooring should also be somewhat springy as to limit the injuries when I child falls off the play equipment.
  • Noise reduction – This is a great feature, especially when the play area is in a dense residential area. Infants and night shift workers may be trying to sleep during the day. Noisy kids can be heard for 안전놀이터 quite a distance!
  • Easy maintenance – Playground rubber flooring can be used both indoors as well as outside. Rubber flooring resists dust, allergens and even water. This means that liquid spills will not damage the floor surface. Because of its high resistance, mold and fungi will not be able to anchor to your floors either. You can sweep your playground floor, or wash it with a mild soapy solution. Never use harsh cleaning agents or chemicals.
  • Weather resistant – If the tires of your car can easily endure rain, snow, summer heat, hail and other weather conditions, so will your playground surface made from recycled rubber.
  • Eco-friendly- We all have to work together so we can nurse our planet back to health. We can make a difference by being environmentally friendly, and recycle w


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