Preparing for Engineering College Admissions

Now that the Intermediate Public Examinations (IPE) have completed, students all across the state of Andhra Pradesh are now focusing on their preparation for the EAMCET examinations which is of objective type. Students have to keep this point in mind that, not just preparing well for their competitive examinations is enough to settle in their lives with a bright career. Even though a student gets a very good rank and he/she chooses the wrong college, his future is doomed. Hence it is highly important to choose the right college for joining besides preparing so well for the exam.

Need for a good college

It is necessary that a student chooses the right college if he wants his career to be bright and outstanding. An engineering college is like his first step in his career. All the subsequent steps in his/her career will be based on this fundamental institution. Various things like admission into further higher studies, be it foreign universities or the management institutes in the country, everybody looks at your former under graduate college. Also, top companies like Microsoft, Facebook, CA, HP, Adobe etc look for students from reputed institutes only. When your resume has a top level highly reputed college as the under graduation college, obviously, you will be given more preference. Even for opportunities like internships, your engineering college’s reputation plays a key role. This is the reason behind why I am stressing so much on the college you choose.

What makes a college good?

This is a difficult question to answer. Various factors effect the statement that a college is good or bad. Some of them include the infrastructure of the college, the teaching staff, the administration, library, cafeteria, sports clubs, literary clubs, laboratories, techno cultural events, the head of the institution, the governing body, funding for the college, research activities inside the campus, industry exposure so on and so forth. Each one of the above indicators play their own prominent role in the reputation of the college.

How do I know if a college is good?

Very simple. Investigate. The only way to know if a college is good or not is to investigate all by yourself. You can do it in various ways. Some of the best methods so far as my knowledge is concerned are:


  • Visit the college, talk to the existing students in that college, talk to the teaching staff of the college and seek their opinion about joining that college.
  • Visit the concerned Aegean College website. Download the AICTE mandatory disclosure and study it carefully.
  • While studying the mandatory disclosure, check the number of Ph.D.s in the branch you wish to opt for and number of staff members currently enrolled for Ph.D.
  • Also, check for the industry alliances and MoUs with other academic institutions.
  • Check if the department you wish to join in a college has any research expertise.


The above points will certainly help you in deciding if a college is good or not.

How will I know if I have a chance of admission or not into a specific college?

This is one common dilemma that every student faces when looking for colleges he has a chance to get admission using the EAMCET Counselling. For this, we find various tools available online with the name Mock Counselling. Once you enter your Rank and fill in all the other details like your community status, desired branch, desired university region etc., you will automatically be shown the list of colleges, sorted according to their merit, in which the student has a chance to get admission into.

Act wise selecting a good college and have a bright future. All the best.

Author, Yugandhar Veeramachaneni, is the developer and founder of, the AP’s Largest EAMCET Resources Website for Eamcet Rank Estimator, Mock Counselling etc, which focuses on providing the rural students of Andhra Pradesh an equal and fair opportunity to excel in the EAMCET Examination. It provides tools such as EAMCET Rank Estimators, Mock Counselling, College Information System and Career Guidance.

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