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London, just like its neighboring European countries is well known not only for its cultural heritage and popular tourist spots but for its flourishing businesses and contribution to the world economy. Because of this, there is a lot of competition amongst these businesses which is why PR or public relations is essential in disseminating information and increasing visibility to the public. Along with a growing number of businesses, locally and internationally acclaimed, is the growth of pr agencies in London as well. The pr agencies in London, which amount to over a hundred firms are all vying for the number one spot based on their turnovers.

Out of all the pr agencies in London, the one company that ranks the highest is the Bell Pottinger Group and has been ranked number one in the past four years. In recent years, it has averaged a total of 52, 533, 000 pounds in turnovers. A figure that not many pr agencies in London can easily achieve without the proper skills and utilities. Bell Pottinger is the PR firm of its parent group Chime Communications. Not only is it well known across the UK, with offices in Cardiff and Macclesfield, Liverpool and of course London to name a few. Internationally, the firm has over 450 employees worldwide with offices in Dubai, Brussels and Washington among others. Since its official renaming as the Bell Pottinger Group (previously named Lowe Bell) in 1998, the company has built successful relations with top of the line clientele which include Emirates Airline, Fortnum & Mason, Currencies Direct and DWF and more.

Next on the list of the top pr agencies in London is Brunswick, which averaged 44, 000, 000 pounds in turnovers. Non Profit Growth The PR firm began in London over 20 years ago in 1987and have since grown to become one of the top international corporate communications firms. By creating partnerships with around 80 partners across the globe, Brunswick is able to operate as a “one firm firm” that offers flawless service across international borders. Because of this seamless service, it is no surprise that Brunswick is considered to be at the top of the heap when speaking of pr agencies in London. Being one of the top pr agencies in London, Brunswick believes that quality serviced must always be delivered to their clients. In order to achieve such a service, Brunswick believes in organic growth. This means that each office is built person by person within a wholly owned network around the world. This again reinforces their seamless operations across international borders that they are proud to have and utilize, genuinely becoming the one firm firm they boast of being,

Rounding of the top 3 of the list of best pr agencies in London is FD, which aims to be “more than a communications partner.” As a member of the top 3 prime pr agencies in London, FD’s turnovers average 42, 000, 000 pounds in a year. Unlike other pr agencies in London, FD is not only known for their corporate communications work in the fields of PR, they are also known because of their internationally acclaimed business and financial communications consultancies. Thus, FD is proud to offer a wide range of corporate communications services that are sure to bring in a large number of clientele to your company. The London office, founded in 1986 is led by a host of senior consultants from a wide range of backgrounds which include journalism, PR, investment banking and a lot more. Thus, working in different sectors is made much easier for the company given the diverse and rich background of consultants and employees. The London based team though has its particular expertise in the field of financial transaction work.

No matter what sector you belong to, when running a business in London, working with one of the best pr agencies in London is an advantage if you wish to step up your game in the local and international arena.

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