No Parking

This is a short story about the “No Parking Sign”. I made this up. Yuri, a fine young man, always drives his car going to work. For several years, he had been parking his car right in front of the store where he works. It has always been that way. One day, a police named Amos who was doing his normal roving around in the same area where Yuri works, chance upon something that smacked his normal cruise into a sudden halt. He noticed Yuri moving out of his car after having it parked right in front of his office as he normally does year-in and year-out. Amos was not really moved by Yuri moving out his car. What stirred his attention is a signpost in the sidewalk right in front of Yuri’s office.

The road sign says “NO PARKING”. Amos parked his car in a legally-permissible area being the implementer of the law despite witnessing a prima facie transgression of it. The momentary absentia in the scene of the crime did not bother Amos a bit. He knows that as soon as he gets out his police car he would be able to apprehend the person he personally witnessed committing a transgression. Time is of the element but time is not yet over. He casually moved towards where Yuri is working without any urgency of immediacy. As soon as he gets to Yuri’s workplace, he noticed that there are people inside, mostly company clients and a few colleagues. It is a law office.

Being in a public environment and having learned that prudence is a better part of the valor, that is, professionalism in taking an action as this is a vital human character, he politely asked the receptionist where Yuri’s office is located. As Amos is on-duty, his appearance is striking to the receptionist and the other personalities in the office as he is wearing his complete police uniform. After several exchanges and verifications from the receptions as to the availability of Yuri, Amos was allowed to proceed to Yuri’s beautiful office. Yuri rendered to Amos the usual warm welcome given any person entering his office. A coffee was offered and Amos was requested to take a seat. A few conversations went on until Amos decided to speak about his presence in Amos’ office. Amos, being a police man familiar with interrogation procedures without getting offensive, inquired about Yuri’s work, years with the company, and his normal work day from home to his office though not in succession.

Amos then asked Yuri if he had noticed anything outside his office. Several discussions went on until both tackled the “NO PARKING” signpost in front of Yuri’s office. Sure enough Yuri knows about this and having the police man in front of him, he made a lot of verbal and novel alibis. Lawyer as he is, Yuri enjoys the seeming profundity of his logical and illogical raison d’être in trying get away and over with an upfront legal transgression. Amos was just enjoying the legal verbiage and taking notes Pinoy Tv himself of the free legal lectures he is getting from Yuri. Amos however realized that Yuri’s vocalizations are getting far beyond the very purpose of their presence there, Yuri as a defender of the law and Amos as the implementer of it. Amos stood up and made his presence felt. He then informed Yuri that he had transgressed a law that he is supposed to defend. He handed to Yuri his violation ticket and there it was stated “ILLEGAL PARKING”.

Yuri, knowing that he really did violate a law and would probably be a stench in his long career and impact his image, came out with what he thought to be a great counter-argument. The last and that which Yuri is very proud to exclaim is that “he has been parking there for a long time now”. People do not mind, not even those in uniforms like Amos. He thinks that Amos may just have a different interpretation of the law inasmuch as a lot of people did not even bother to question him in parking his car. Amos, then said, getting away with transgression does not make it right. You may have had the seemingly privilege opportunity to park your car in a place where it is not allowed and get away with it most probably because people or even men in uniform may have ignored it. Nonetheless, it is NOT and NEVER an excuse for Yuri NOT to be cited for the violation. Society have placed laws as it is a requisite for a civil society otherwise, everyone will be the law by himself. Civil society requires civility otherwise the world would be chaotic. Even the jungle follows a law, the laws of nature.

Amos told Yuri that being a lawyer, words can be defined and interpreted in so many ways. The meaning could even be tweaked and twisted. The truth of the matter however is that TRUTH cannot be overlooked. Truth is not something that anyone can just explain to suit one’s agenda. Relative truth is not the UNIVERSAL TRUTH. It should be one that distinguishes no one gender, nationality, race, position, age, verbal acuity and all other possible considerations. No one owns all the universal truths in the same way that no one knows everything. We are however owned and bounded by these universal truths.

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