Civil Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assault is somewhat of a unique crime in the way that it does not typically result in signs of physical harm but the mental and emotional damage it can cause can stay with the victim for many years after the incident. Because of the uniqueness of the crime of sexual assault there is a major disparity in how it is prosecuted and deterred and that of other physical violence crimes.

The victims of sexual assault, sadly, often find themselves at a loss when it comes to justice for the often times life altering crime that was committed against them. Sexual assault is one of the least often reported crimes and of the crimes that are reported, few convictions are actually made. Because of this, sexual predators often go on their way completely unscathed by the heinous crimes they commit.

Another Approach to Justice

But while sexual predators are often times difficult to convict, there is another way to try to achieve a sense of justice and repayment for the harm that was committed against a victim. That alternative route is taking out a civil sexual assault lawsuit against the person that committed the crime.

There are a number of benefits that come with seeking a civil suit for these crimes. Some of the reasons you may Six Figure wish to pursue a civil lawsuit in addition or in spite of a criminal lawsuit against the assaulter are:

o Justice-many victims choose to engage in a civil lawsuit because the person who harmed him or her was not convicted in a criminal court. It has become increasingly common for criminal courts to come up with different verdicts than civil courts. There are a number of reasons for this but a civil trial does give victims a second chance at justice. The most high profile case in this vein was the OJ Simpson trial in which Simpson was acquitted of double homicide in a criminal court and convicted in the subsequent civil trial.

o Monetary damages-even if the criminal was convicted of the crime, it may be worth it for victims to seek a civil trial because he or she can seek damages for physical, emotional or mental injury related to the crime.

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